Bus Stop Rules

Transportation to and from school for all eligible students is provided by CCPS as a privilege, not a right Parents, students and CCPS share the responsibility for transportation to and from school. Parents are responsible for their child's behavior and/or any damage caused to the bus or property of others. During the first two weeks of school, bus pickup times may be adjusted. Please be patient; bus schedules rarely change later in the school year. Bus assignments/stops are located at least 1/4 mile apart. Students are assigned to permanent stops closest to their residence. Transportation is provided to elementary and middle school students residing more than one mile from their school and to high school students residing more than one-and-one half miles from their school. Parents and students should select a safe walking route to and from the bus stop. Students should not talk to strangers at the bus stop or along the way to and from the bus stop. Students should be instructed to respect private property while walking to and from the bus stop. Crossing through private property and yards should be discouraged. Destruction of property and horseplay are prohibited.

Students are assigned to one bus route based on the residence address on file in the student data system. Any deviation must be approved in advance by the Transportation Department by submitting a €œRequest for Bus Change€ form located on the CCPS website. Vacations, temporary work assignment changes, social events, riding to a friend€™s home, or other foreseen events will not be approved for a change in bus assignment. Under short-term emergency situations the school administration may approve a different bus assignment. Permission to use a different bus stop may be granted on a temporary basis if approved by the school administration and provided that the request does not involve a bus assignment/route change. The school staff is responsible for notifying the bus driver of the reassignment or bus stop change.

Students and parents should know their bus number and the locations of pick-up and drop-off stops. When reviewing the bus route assignment, please remember that the arrival and drop off times are approximate. During the first two weeks of school, bus arrival and drop off times may fluctuate due to school dismissal procedures, route adjustments, and bus drivers becoming familiar with the bus routes. Parents should see to it that their child arrives at the bus stop at least five minutes before the regularly scheduled arrival time. Bus drivers will not wait for tardy students because any wait will adversely affect the established time schedules for other students.

Prekindergarten and kindergarten students will not be left unattended when dropped off at bus stops. If the parent or other responsible adult is not present at the drop-off, the driver will return the child to school where it will be the parents responsibility to pick up the child. Should this become a continual problem, the student will receive a suspension of bus privileges. The school office should be notified immediately when an emergency situation arises that prevents the parent or other responsible adult from being at the bus stop. Issues and concerns regarding transportation should always be addressed at school with a school administrator. Parents are not permitted to board a bus for any reason or to confront the bus driver in any way that interferes with the driver€™s assignment

All buses are equipped with two-way radios so drivers can keep in contact with schools. Any request for a short-term bus stop change needs to be approved by the school principal.

CCPS may transport students by licensed school vehicles in the event of an emergency, or as part of the school program to various school events such as athletic events, school orientations or other academic programs. CCPS reserves the right to randomly videotape/audiotape students on school buses. The videotapes/audiotapes help monitor student behavior and evaluate bus drivers.

For more information on student transportation, please review the transportation section outlined in the 2017-18 Code of Student Conduct..